26 August 2017

Another pair!

This time and for a change I thought I'd re-visit this pattern - just to check it out!!!

I've always liked the earrings I made this way and the 'sticky out' parts at the sides do keep their shape. The ones I made years ago have just got scruffy and I'm so, so bored with them too!!!! These are an easy and interesting tat too. Oh, I did actually stick to the pattern too - for once!!!


Pigmini said...

Now that makes a change... stopping BC3 from reinventing the wheel!! Has he gone on holiday?? Earwigs is luvverly and just the sort of distraction I need!!

linb54 said...

Gorgeous ear bobs! I love the top especially how the thread and beads work together to make the chains. Very eye catching!

Madtatter80 said...

lovely :)

God's Kid said...

Pretty!! :)

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Happy Beaks
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