8 May 2018

An idea for a bracelet!

Now I must admit I do love this pattern even though I shouldn't brag that I do!!!! It's such an interesting but easy one once you get started. I re-wrote it a few years ago and it's certainly a lot clearer now even to my fuddled old brain.

So this time I decided I wanted/needed a wider bracelet - more a sort of cuff, I think you'd call it. This is what I've done so far. Yes there are beads missing off the pink side but there's a reason for that. No, I didn't forget to put them there - it was a deliberated thing!!!!


God's Kid said...

It looks great and I am guessing at what you are thinking next. ;)

Nancy G said...

ohhh, I love it!

BMDMom said...

I LOVE this bracelet, and I've made several for close friends (for surprise birthday gifts); they love them too, so I'm anxious to see the next part of this new addition. Thanks for all you share Jane! You're amazing. :-)

craftie sylvie said...

No beads on the pink side... future joins on pink picots? Lovely as it is anyway :)

Jane Eborall said...

You craftily spotted the lack of beads on the pink side, craftie sylvie!!!!

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