9 May 2018

Crochet puppet!

Do you remember the knitted puppet? Well if not and you haven't 'jumped ship' yet then here's the link.

Now I can knit and do like making socks (as you probably know) but I'm not that fond of using the needles. I do like to crochet, however, so decided to make a crochet puppet. There's a pattern on the knitfornowt site which I read through but then decided to 'wing it' on my own!!!

The hair is crocheted too and I sewed it on while sewing up the puppet. BUT, being the plonker I am, I managed to sew the hair to the inside!!!! I've always told you I'm not fit to be allowed out on my own and now I've proved it. Now I needn't have told you that bit about the hair but it just goes to show that I'm nowt but honest!!! 

Can you see the pocket on this one? That's for the children to put their worries in. 

I wonder what the next puppet will turn out like?!?!?


Jane McLellan said...

Good idea to make a crochet version. I love the idea of a pocket to put your worries in. PS, yeah, we’ve all put the hair on the inside, or equivalent!

God's Kid said...

How sweet to help children "let go" of some of their worries!! :) Great puppet!!

Madtatter80 said...

This is very adorable, you can never have too many puppets :)

Lavi Damian-Boja said...

The pocket is a brilliant idea, I really love your puppets!

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