7 May 2018

Gold thread comparison

I decided to make another of the Rosemarie Peel stars but this time in size 20 Lizbeth. This was done purely to 'test' the size of the metallic thread.

As I was working the second star (top picture) I kept thinking it was going to be oodles and doodles smaller. So when it was finished I was more than a little surprised to find (see the second picture) that it wasn't 'that' much smaller. 

Yes it would make a difference if you had a specific size in mind and that the item HAD to fit into or onto something - like a bangle bracelet but apart from that it's fine. 

What I wouldn't do now is use a regular Lizbeth thread with the metallic Liz as that would probably not work unless some small adjustments were made to the stitch count on the pattern. 

Hmmmmm, now I've give BC3 an idea I just MAY have to try that out!!!


Jane McLellan said...

Aha, that's important if you're wanting to mix the threads.

Maureen said...

I wonder if the metallic thread might equate to a size 15? I have seen a pattern for a child's ballet bun cover which the designer says uses that size. Metallics would be lovely and glittery for ballet, wouldn't they! I will have to buy appropriate colours and the pattern now. Thank you for this very useful comparison.

God's Kid said...

It's so pretty in the Tropical Punch!! :)

Marilee Rockley said...

Thank you for sharing the results of your test! Very good to know that the metallic Lizbeth is larger than the usual size 20.

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