23 May 2018


Now I bet you're wondering what that means!!! Well in this household it means 'consign to bin'!!! Simple, eh?

Now what do you think is going to be CTB'd? Well I'll show you. This. 

Why? Well I'm just not happy with it and if I was to be honest I've never really been happy with it. So I'm shortly going to take it off my site BUT I am going to replace it with a much better (I hope!) updated version.

With the new version I've tried and tried to get it to work in one pass but failed dismally!!! Still it'll certainly be a lot, lot better and a lot, lot squarer too, I hope.  

Just hope that BC3 will stick with it long enough to get it done!!! I'll do two versions - beaded and non beaded while I'm playing with it.


Jane McLellan said...

Do think 'square' goes against the nature of tatting? Still, you're as close to square as is necessary!

Jane Eborall said...

Interesting thought, Jane!!! That square just wasn't 'quite' square enough for me so it's time to CTB!!!!

Maureen said...

Well don't completely consign it to the bin,because you might need it again one day! I think this is the reason for all the boxes and bags stored in my garage. I clear out cupboards regularly, but never actually throw anything away.

Tim Kaylor said...

Waiting to see the new one!

Madtatter80 said...

waiting to see more!

God's Kid said...

It looks good to me! I can't wait to see what you do with it!! :)

linb54 said...

how about smaller split rings (less DS) and larger trifoil in the corners...might make it more squarish looking? I like it though.

Jane Eborall said...

Thanks linb54 - I've kept it almost to the same format and already it's looking SO much better. Now to do a few together to make sure they're 'really' square!!!

SKFuller said...

When I first looked at it my thoughts were the same as Linb54 said. It's so close to square and I think it a wonderful design.

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