22 May 2018

Cuff with clasps

Well in the end I decided to go with two clasps which will keep the bracelet from twisting round my wrist - well, that's if I wear it of course!!!

I did wear it for a couple of days and it really really works well. Not sure I like those clasps but as they do stay on the inside of the wrist that's fine by me. 

I'm very open to other suggestions if anybody has them. It's an ongoing problem knowing what clasps to use or make that look good and work well for an old git to put on easily. Comments on this problem will be very welcome. 


Pigmini said...

I love it!! If you really don't wear it... you know where to send it!! Vbg

God's Kid said...

It looks great!! :)

craftie sylvie said...

Your bracelet looks so pretty! I'm afraid I can't be of much help on clasps. I only use solid silver because the others are constantly attacked by my skin and the skin always wins, turning the metal into unidentified ugly colour; the metal surrenders, not without leaving a dirty mark - at best, more often a rash - where skin and metal met. As solid silver clasps are less easy to find and much more expensive, I usually end up making metal-free bracelets. On a cuff like this I'd twist a few threads together and zigzag along the edges and tie a bow. A bit more fiddly than with clasps to put on but easier to take off... One can't have it all I suppose ;)

BMDMom said...

Jane, I use magnetic closures now for my bracelets (and for older friends) as they are easy to attach. You'd still need two of them though on a bracelet this wide. It's lovely!

Jane McLellan said...

Ah, thanks. That looks fine and if you’ve worn and it works, happy days.

Jane Eborall said...

Thanks for all the advice. crafty sylvie I feel sorry for you with the skin problems. BMDMom - I've used magnetic clasps in the past and I love them for the reasons you state but I've also lost bracelets when I've snagged them on something and they've flipped off. I didn't notice at the time either. I've been shown another clip by somebody privately which are like this http://www.pandahall.co.uk/p-768185-6-strands-brass-magnetic-slide-lock-clasps-for-multi-strand-jewelry.html May chase those up for future projects or will get sone and change this bracelet!!!

Madtatter80 said...

I have made something similar and called them cufflets and I found that sewing a hook (leaving out the eye) really worked for me because the hooks could make the cufflets fit any size wrist,I also sewed on fake buttons and I use them with a certain coat I wear I'll try to post or send a picture of them to you sometime.😃

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