14 November 2019

Butterflies in Flight

This is another of the lessons I taught at Palmetto Tat Days and which I've remembered I'd not added to my site!! I found another pattern too but need a few hours to sort it so it won't be arriving until next week!!

Some of you will recognise the basic SCMR butterfly that I did years and years and centuries ago and which can be found here.  The original pattern is so old that I can see I haven't even got a date on it. Probably thought it wasn't important back in those days but now I realise it probably is a good idea to date my work!! 

This new idea took some working out and I haven't really given a reason  for making it as it could become a bracelet, an edging or even a bookmark.  I may well play around with this one further.  I did have a version where I had a lock chain going over the first wing but it was so complicated to explain and it kept sort of twisting on me.  Having discussed this with Joanie (my wonderful test tatter) I decided it wasn't worth the hassle and would've been too hard to get that part done in a class and we'd probably have run out of time!!!


Maureen said...

I've always loved the little SCMR butterfly! The extension of it will make a lovely edging.

Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

I've never tatted a SCMR butterfly. I guess I should give it a try! I love the way the butterflies give and take color in the tops of their wings!

picotsnkeys said...

A wonderful, versatile pattern! Yes, please date your work. You never know when, or if, something becomes important!

Lelia said...

Creative and charming butterflies! I think butterfly patterns are my 'go to' when I tat. Thanks for sharing ; )

God's Kid said...

Great edging!! :)

Ruby said...

Hi Jane
The link to the larger picture isn’t working for me. It says the file isn’t there. Is it just me? Or do you get the same problem?

Jane Eborall said...

Just tried clicking and it works for me but I’ll try it again later and will keep an eye on it. Thanks for letting me know, Ruby.

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Happy Beaks
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