16 March 2020

My hare has come home

I nearly forgot to tell you all this. My hare is home!!!

Do you remember that I spent a day making him with a local teacher? Well if you missed that then here's the link and on that page is a link to the amazing work that she does herself.

I must admit I enjoyed that day out more than I can tell you so I've booked myself in to a chicken making day!! This will be fun as I 'share' 8 (oops, sorry, that's 6 now as 2 died) chickens with neighbours and we take turns in looking after them. I can 'almost' talk chicken now!!!!

I love my little hare. He looks sort of whimsical - or is that terrified?


Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

He is adorable! It will be fun to see your chicken. Dave might be a little jealous! ;-)

Tim Kaylor said...

I love that! He looks pleading, like, can I have something to eat?

Pigmini said...

I think he's sad... Did you tell him off for something?? If he needs cheering up you can send him here!!

Jane McLellan said...

Whimsical, definitely. I look forward to seeing a chicken who is equally whimsical.

Crazy Mom! said...

I LOVE your hare. He's fabulous, straight out of Watership Down.

Madtatter80 said...

He is great and would look cool with one of your doilies underneath him on the mantel 🐇❤🐇

Alexandrite Woman said...

Oh, my gosh, I love him! He looks like he really wants you to keep him home. Just so precious!

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