19 April 2021

Still stocking the shop!!!

At the moment I'm still stocking the shop - or rather, trying to!!!  I get a few listed and then they get sold so back to the shuttles I go.
I'm trying out new 'lines' all  the time but this is just a hobby and I'm not 'in it' to make a fortune.  Well, a little bit to cover the costs of using Etsy helps!!  

The main problem for me is keeping track of earnings and 'outside' costs as I have to declare this to the government.  Numbers (unless double stitches) are an anathema to me.  My BC3 just doesn't want to play numbers!!!  Never has done and never will.

When it comes to restocking I'm adding back things that appear to be selling like the dolphin (I just LOVE making him) and the octopus.  I try to vary the threads I use each time too - mainly because I forget which ones I used before!!!!


Jane McLellan said...

Seems it was a good move to reopen your shop.

Maureen said...

The octopus is very sweet, he’s a little like your emojis I think. With legs.

God's Kid said...

Sounds like your shop is doing well!! :)
Love the dolphin!!! :) I need to take time and tat one...or more!!! ;)
Great octopus!! :)

Lavi said...

Accounting is never as fun as tatting! Oh, the dolphin is nice! You have a lot of sea themed patterns, would be nice for an underwater composition :)

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Happy Beaks
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