29 November 2022

A sad story with a happy ending.

I like knitting gloves as you probably know!!  Mad, crazy and any other adjectives you know may be applied to this addiction!!!  
Well a sad occurrence happened last week.  I was wearing the pair you can see below.  I knitted them back here and they became my favourite pair because they’re distinctly ‘odd’ and made from two balls of mismatched yarn.  Also they remind me of a lovely friend in Canada - Terry.  See this link and this one too.

Imagine this OG in a hurry and about to get drenched yet again.  I was dashing off to a friend’s house and realised I’d dropped one of the gloves.  When I got back later I searched for the misssing glove but couldn’t find it anywhere.  Daft as I knew I’d dropped it very close to home.

Finally I gave up and carried on with life etc.  

On Thursday when I was on my way home from somewhere else I spotted the missing glove.  It was soaked and filthy and had obviously spent the few days it was missing under a car in the pouring rain!!!

Both gloves had a good ticking off and a much needed bath!!!  Here they are - reunited!!!


Maureen said...

The errant gloves looks no worse for it’s experience, it’s amazing what soap and water can achieve.

Debra said...

Sooo glad you're reunited with your gloves! I love this story!

Anonymous said...

They look great! I'm glad the 'rain bath' did not harm the one that went missing.

GoldenMom said...

SO glad you found the missing glove, and now they look lovely again after their bath. I like happy endings!

Rose Anne B said...

Ohhhhh I'm so very happy it was found and reunited! 💞

Crazy Mom! said...

I love your gloves! I've never tried knitting them - I'm not as good a knitter as you.

God's Kid said...

Glad you found it!! :)

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