13 February 2024

Another pair of gloves

A member of the family has lost a glove so I’m making her another pair.  This is the pattern I use and I really love it.   The only problem I found with this pattern is doing the i-cord fingers.  I just couldn’t get them to look as neat as I’d like so I used dpn’s and forgot about i’cord!!!

The gloves are worked from the fingers down to the cuff which means that if you’re using oddments of yarn you can work them in easily (and imaginatively!) when you get to the hand part.  I quite like the fingers to be the same colour (and the thumb) yarn but I’m not fussy about the palm/back etc.

The main thing to remember is to label each finger as you go along.  I ‘thought I’d know which finger was which on my first pair a few years ago but I was SOOOO wrong!!!  

Here’s the first finger.  It’s pretty hard to start with six stitches on dpn’s (double pointed needles) but using ‘non slippery’ needles is the answer - not metal ones like I’ve used here!!!!   They kept slipping out!!!  Joanie sent me home with a vast collection of bamboo knitting needles when I last visited her in America so I quickly found a set of dpn’s of the ‘right’ size and the rest of the fingers will be done with those.


Anonymous said...

You are brave. It looks awfully fiddly.

Jane McLellan said...

I really do mean to try these one day.

Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

I've never tried knitting gloves, probably because I don't wear them. I prefer mittens!

Tim Kaylor said...

I have not done gloves in 40 years and never from the fingers to the hand. Will watch this closely. I have already learned something. I did not know what an i-cord was. Looked it up. Will try it sometime and see if I like it. Thanks.

Jane Eborall said...

The main advice I can give, Tim, is to make sure you label each finger so you know which order to add them to the needles before going down the palm/back of the hand. I’ve got dedicated labels that I use each time.
Yes, Anonymous it can be fiddly - 6 stitches to start at the tip of the digits but I did find it pretty easy after a while and especially using short bamboo dpn’s.

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