29 May 2020

A twisted picot

From a twisted brain!!!

I've used this before (see this snail) and I'm sure it's not new but decided that having done the butterflies I ought to add a technique page too!! I always get things backwards way on!!!

Anyway, here's the link to how to do a twisted picot AND how to add in a bead if required too. It passes the time of day!!!

28 May 2020

Second blanket finished

Do you remember the blanket I knitted with the mitred squares? No? Well here’s the link. 

I wasn’t particularly happy with that one so decided I’d make another. Well first of all I weighed the first blanket and then my remaining stash to find that I’ve got more than enough for another blanket!!! I think I showed you the start of this second one but haven’t bored you with too many posts!!! Here it is finished and ready to go to whoever wants it. I’m hoping one of our local care homes would like it but will wait until I’ve done the second one.

The original pattern is all garter stitch but this time I’m going to do it in stocking stitch. I need to practice that as since I’ve taught myself continental knitting I’ve not done a lot of purl. I do like a little stress in my life!!!

27 May 2020

Both Butterflies with links to patterns

All done and ready to fly. I’ve put them on different URL’s so you don’t have to print out too many pages. 

Here’s the link to the 3D one.

Here’s the link to the flat one.

As we’re still on semi lockdown meaning none of my other activities like silver surfers and craft groups are still not meeting I’m going to continue with the Dutch books. I’ve found a doily which looks really interesting so am going to make a start on that. Look out Mr Google translate - here I come again!!!!

26 May 2020

Meet the new love of my life

Well it’s the Dreamlit shuttle (see this link) which I’ve found to be my favourite workhorse. I have 3 of them (with another on order!) but have been misplacing the bobbins and having to hunt them down!! I haven’t found a container that would be of any use for them so decided to make some. 

These are going to be so useful if I’ve got bobbins wound for other projects I can keep them wound in these little cases and they won’t ‘undo’ themselves!!! 

I’m wondering whether anybody else would be interested in the bobbin holders? I know that the Dreamlit shuttles fit nicely into the poke proof pouches but the oval shaped bobbins don’t fit into this type of bobbin holder which I've made in the past.

They’re lined (as you can see) and have a light stiffening fabric inside too. I’ve made this one and will be making others today!!!

25 May 2020

Butterflies can be flat, you know!!!

Having done the little 3D butterfly (nearly finished the web page) I thought of those who may not want a 3D body and decided to make another version which is flat!!

Here it is and I’m hoping to have both critters up and flying in a day or two. 

This version can be made all in one but it did mean some jiggling with the order of working the little critter. Many thanks to Martha who happened to drop by my inbox and was looking for something to do for a day or two!!! My goodness - she’s got an eye for detail, bless her cotton socks including the sock she’s currently knitting. Thanks, Martha.

22 May 2020

Trying to decide

I'm trying to decide which is my favourite but it's impossible!!! I don't often like using variegated threads but for these it seems to work well. After all butterflies aren't just one colour, are they?

Work is almost done on the drawings so now I just have to assemble the page and fit it onto the blank pages in a way that will save paper and ink for those who want to print it out.

This is always a major, MAJOR concern of mine - saving the planet by trying to fit everything onto as few sheets as possible but making the pattern easily readable. 

Personally I never print off a pattern whether mine or anybody else's. I work entirely in a digital form. I check that the patterns fit a page by doing a 'print preview' and then, when I'm happy, it's a 'done deal'!!! That's the beauty of using Pages (I use a mac) as it's so easy to move stuff around.

Right - time for a cuppa!!!!

21 May 2020

It just HAD to happen

Addiction set in. 

These little cuties are such fun to make. Although you do have to do one cut and tie but that's all there is. I've made it so you can progress from the body to one set of side wings which helps a lot. 

Drawings have started for the finished pattern so lockdown is still working in my favour!!! 

Lockdown gives me time to start and finish within a short timescale - just cause I can't go far to find/make mischief!!!

20 May 2020

Next project and an apology

First of all an apology from a silly old moooooo.  That's me!!!  I'd done a 4th drawing for the small bow and somehow deleted it before 'pdf'ing it and uploading it!!!  I've corrected myself and given my left hand a slap with my right  hand!  The 4th diagram is now on the pattern.

Now the next project that I'm doing is the butterfly in one of the Dutch books.

The first puzzle to me was the fact that there appeared to be two of them with slightly different bodies. You can see them in the picture below.

Once I'd translated the pattern and read and re-read it a few times I realised that the one on the left with the ends dangling was the same but 'not quite finished'. So I've abandoned the nun's destructions for the body as it involved sewing the it into a tube and went in search of another idea.

Well, there it was right under my stupid little nose. It's part of the fairy that I did here. As the legs/arms of the design have been stolen by two other people for their 'original’ patterns - and without asking me first, I thought it would be OK to use the idea for the new body.

So, I've modified it a little and it's now the new body of the butterfly.

I need to draw this up and do all the usual 'stuff' to it and then I'll share it. I may have to bore you with a few more pictures in the meantime as I'm going to enjoy making these!!! 

19 May 2020

Bow pattern finished.

Finally finished the links yesterday so here's the completed pattern.

I hope somebody will make it and use the spiral tatting from the link I shared yesterday.

Now, what shall I do next?!?!?

18 May 2020

A finished bow!!

Well the fiddling around with it and sorting it out is finished but now I have to finish the text and drawings to go with the actual tatting!!! 

This is the Dutch bow that I found in the little books and fell in love with. It's got the spiral tatting in it and this was where I learned the trick of making the spiral chain!!!  Here's a 'how to' page.

Hope to have the pattern finished by tomorrow - there are certain advantages to lockdown!!! Keeping me in captivity forces me to actually complete things!!!

15 May 2020

First attempt small bow

I found another bow in the Dutch books which I fell in love with. Again this needed a lot of thinking about and that really hurts my brain!!!

You can see from this first and failed attempt (well, actually it's probably the third attempt as the others got thrown away) that there are spiral chains in this pattern.

This is a technique that I've happily avoided for years and years!!! I'm NOT a 'dropper of shuttles' as it slows me down. In all the destructions (sorry, instructions) I've seen it says to work 5 or so first half doubles then drop your shuttle over the work. WHAT? NO tatter wants to let go of their shuttles!!

But here's the thing. This was one clever nun/sister as she didn't do that. She said to - well, here's a technique page to show you. I’ve NEVER seen a spiral chain done this way but now it’s the only way I’ll ever do them in future!!!

I hope to get this done over the weekend and hopefully on my pattern site by the middle of the week.

14 May 2020

Another earring design

Well that's what it started out as but it ended up being far too big so it's now become a pendant!!!

The necklace part is one of a whole LOT that my dear friend Joanie gave me when I was staying with her in America last September. I've used quite a few as I do tend to wear pendants.

Can you see that with this doodad I've actually joined to the centre by taking the thread up and down underneath the outer holes. Took a bit of fiddling but after the first one it was easy!!! That's my story and I'm sticking to it too!!!!

I've only got notes for this design as I'm not sure if anybody would want it. I'm definitely going to make more for myself though!!!!

12 May 2020

I DID it!!!

I sat my sorry butt down on my chair in the 'office' (another of our clutter rooms) and made myself do the links for the Medina angel yesterday.

I'll admit that I was going to do it on Sunday but I suddenly saw a glaring mistake (or, rather three) in the drawings!!! I gave myself a thorough ticking off and sorted them out.

Meantime I'm now starting on another Dutch adventure - by the time I've finished with these little books I'll have earned myself a pair of Dutch clogs and probably even a windmill!!!!

This is the original picture that I worked from for the bow.

11 May 2020

I've finished Medina

Well, almost!!! With thanks to the test tatters.

The 'only' thing I've got to do now is to put the page on my pattern site. I think I stand a chance of getting it done today!

This was a relatively easy project as I'd beaten the original bow into submission already!! The only problem I've had with this is I got a bit 'lost' with which shuttle should have which beads on but I've left it as it is as I figured (least BC3 did) that most tatters who would tackle this project would know to do a switching of shuttles etc to get them in the right place!!!

There's NO WAY I was going to go back and work out the yardage on this project either as I must admit I'm now glad to see the back of it.

BUT (and you must treat this as a public warning) I am working on another of the 'lost' patterns from these wonderful little Dutch books.

8 May 2020

Starting on the angel

As promised I've now started on the angel but with plentiful beads!! Well, a girls gotta have her beads, hasn't she? When I use the word 'girl' I really mean Old Git - meeeee!!!

Hopefully this version of the Medina bow won't take quite so long to do but who knows!!! It's already completed and awaiting my dear test tatters to find the hiccups. Jane has already found a few!!! 

7 May 2020

More emotitats

Yvonne has some students (tatting ones) and two of them have made these emotitats. The pattern can be found here should you want to make any.

5 May 2020

New pattern - finished bow

I did it!! Got it all sorted yesterday so here’s the link to the new Medina bow pattern. 

Next? Instead of picots I think it needs beads and a head to make it into an angel!!! Well, watch this space!!!

4 May 2020

Nearly 'there'.

This pattern has been a long haul pattern!!!

Thankfully I've got mates around this planet who are willing to take on challenges. Bev in Australia and Diane in America are two of them.

Diane did the green version and Bev used Lizbeth size 40. The colour way she used is one of my favourites - Latte Foam. 

Thanks a million both of you. I hope to finish off the links today and get the pattern on my site tomorrow.

1 May 2020

New bag finished

I finished the new bag in record time - well, for me!!! That's one thing about the meltdown - time is different and without all my other diversions things get finished faster. Hmmmm, bring back the diversions - I MISS MY FRIENDS.

I showed you the pictures of the upholstery samples a few days ago here and this is what they turned into. I will be spraying it with Scotchguard (fabric protection) before using it. My purple bag has seen 'better days' and will be consigned to the 'old bag place in the sky'!!! In other words - the tip!!!

Here's the new bag in all it's glory!!!

30 April 2020

A bit of a rush!

We've had glorious weather lately - until Tuesday when it rained ALL day and went VERY cold. 

This was such a shame as some lovely neighbours were celebrating their silver wedding anniversary and invited us all to join them in celebrating the event. Naturally as we're all in meltdown (lockdown) we couldn't go into their house so (as is normal in our road lately) we met in the freezing cold in the road to raise our glasses to them.

I wanted to give them something special but couldn't get out to the shops (IF any were open) so decided to do a bit of tatting - but what? Well in the afternoon I was searching through the tatting cupboard for ideas for earrings when I spotted a brass heart that I've had for years. I bought three of them and had used one for another present so remembered that this pattern would fit it.

My poor old fingers absolutely flew to get it done in time but then I hit the problem of using invisible thread to anchor it to the brass frame!!! I just hope they like it!!!

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Happy Beaks
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