7 December 2007

Kangaroo and trees

My adopted son, Mark Myers, suggested that the joey should be facing sideways. I'm going to try to make him look upwards at his mom when I do another draft. Thanks, Mark.
Last night I made brooches. I started late afternoon and used the Christmas tree earwig pattern. I made the last chain slightly longer and have added small coilless safety pins to the back. I want to give one or two to the ladies who work and smile all the time at the local Post Office. They're always asking me what I'm sending out in my ebay packages and finding me the cheapest way to mail them too. Here they are.


Tatskool said...

They are lovely! The post ladies will be flattered.

Valerie said...

Very apt for the season, Jane. I'm totally sure they'll love these.

Tattycat said...

These are so sweet, and so are you for thinking of others all the time! I'm sure they will be very happy.

Gina said...

Good grief! How are you finding time to do all this tatting????

:-) Gina

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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