6 January 2008

Late, sorrrryyyyy

I know that Christmas has come and long gone but time seems to rush by. Something to do with getting older, 'they' say!

Anyway I haven't spoken yet about the gift I received in the Secret Santa exchange that Giina Brummet ran on the tatting goddess list.

My huge jiffy bag arrived about ten days before Christmas and the address looked familiar. Me, being me eventually got curious and looked it up in my address book. Ah, Carol Lawecki. Now Carol's been a great tatting friend for years. She used to test tat my 'bits' in the early days. Now she's working and raising two teenagers she's got a very busy life.

I was very, very good and waited til Christmas Day. Very difficult as it was sat in front of my armchair all the time!

Anyway, what was in the bag?
Inside were lots and lots of goodies. A lovely picture - framed beautifully - of Pam Palmer's partridge in a pear tree. Then there were sweets and chocolates (looooong gone!). The tins are now being used to store things (the emotitats live in one to stop me losing them!).

Also in the packet was a ring pull thing that you have on name tags in offices. On this was a tag with my name beautifully tatted attached. There were also notelets (made by Carol's mum), tea bags (yummy), beads in a dear little sachet, a key ring (with more tatting in the clear part), three spools of quilting thread (which I've already 'test tatted' and found superb especially for jewellery), flossing 'thingies' and finally needle pullers (best things since sliced bread - LOVE them).

Nick and James sat and watched me open each little packet and oooh and aaah. They were quite a lovely shade of green by the time I'd finished!!!


Gina said...

ROTFLMAO! Well...that's a new one. 20 lashes with an elfin stocking cap filled with pointy shuttles to you! Trust me, Santa put that one on his list. "Jane bad, bad, bad!"
ah well...at least you're honest about it.

still laughing,

Carol Lawecki said...

Jane, I'm glad you liked all the gifts, I had such fun putting it all together for you. I really liked how the tatted partridge in a pear turned out that I have to make an exact duplicate for me now. LOL!!

Looking forward to your "Tat It and See". You are so creative, I'm sure it will be loads of fun! Thanks for being YOU!!!!!
Hugs, Carol

Carol Lawecki said...

PS. I knew you would figure out it was me that sent the package. It is a little harder to hide the address when sending over seas. But that's ok, maybe it made you even more curious as to what I sent you. LOL!!

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