7 January 2008

Yesterday was a 'play day'!

I've given up on the little tree I've been working on for a few days. Frustration set in!!

My sister's been around this weekend and she gave me some magnetic clasps. I'd bought some in the USA so wanted to test both for myself. I feel better for having a 'play day'. I must do some autopilot stuff today - an order from a friend and then after tat? Who knows!!!

Here are the results of yesterday's play.


Tattycat said...

We all need play days! DH just asked me what I was going to do tonight. I told him in no uncertain terms, "not a thing!"
Tomorrow's the big day!

Gina said...

Hi Jane,
I just tagged you for the You Make My Day Blog Award. You can see the rules for carrying on with it at my blog if you want to tag someone else.
:-) Gina

dani, the geek said...

those are sweet!


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Happy Beaks
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