24 June 2008

100 done and dusted

Well I did it!!! I had a late start on them yesterday evening because the garden needed a little 'attention'!!! I'll pack them up and post them today.

Now I've been tagged again by Sherry and Ais has sent me an award. Need to dust off one of the two brain cells and find out what to do about these!!! Which of the two will I use? The 'sensible' brain cell or my favourite - the other one!!!!

I'm now wondering what to do with myself this evening. Several options occur to me but my favourite is to play with the sequin idea again! I just want/need to get one idea out of the blur inside my head.

I also managed to get all of the new roly poly tat bags photographed yesterday afternoon and up on a temporary url to show people. My next move was to list some of them in Etsy. BUT, they've all sold again without reaching the shop!!! So, when I get time it'll be back to the sewing machine!!! I really must finish getting the garden sorted first!!

Oh, I've noticed that the 'timeless tatting' site has dissapeared (for now at least). So all the natives in tataholics in tat land must have done some good by complaining!!!!


Unknown said...

That's some good news on all accounts! The award, the tag, the roly poly tat bags selling and that horrid timeless tatting gallery disappearing. Looks like we all banded together to get her "the heck outta dodge!" (an old american western saying)

Debbie S. said...

Reading your blog makes me tired! :) Your comment: 'wondering what to do with myself this evening'... made me say to myself: I am sure she will find another big venture! :)
If it can be tatted, made more beautiful with tatting, or is in anyway connected with tatting, you will discover it!
You have so many ideas.... it is encouraging to others!

Tattycat said...

Congratulations on having the 100 done and dusted! All of the roly poly bags have disappeared again? I'll never get a chance!

Jane Eborall said...

Hmmm, I did find something to do this evening - I'll blog it tomorrow.
Ah, Laura, there is one bag left in Etsy but I have fabric for a few more so will make them sometime sooooon. I thoroughly enjoy making them which is great!!!

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