26 June 2008


Well I'm sure that anybody looking at yesterday's post would've thought that the sequin design was OK. Well, let me tell you it wasn't. I wasn't happy with the fit of the sequin in the centre of the two sides of tatting. So I suddenly had a brainwave.
Yup, one of the two brain cells had a growth spurt and came out of hiding. Sometimes this happens in my little corner of tat land!!! It's meant re-writing the centre part again but it's still done in one 'hit' and it gives a fantastically snug fit to the sequin.
With these particular sequins there are two holes and it's possible to join through those if you want to. Personally this is such a good fit now that it's not at all necessary.
Ooooooh, I'm SO pleased with myself.
Next I want to do another one or two outer parts and also work on Martha's idea of a smiley sequin face which then will be added to my web pages. The two I have just done are fine but they don't give much opportunity to use beads and you know how much I love my beads!!! I want something that will be my Christmas giveaway so I want something sparkly and fun and which will fit in a bracelet to hang on the tree.
I'll take a few more days to play with this and then I must do something for a wedding we're going to in September. No, we're not getting married at last - no time for all that!!!


Tattycat said...

Very pretty. I just can't imagine all of that being around a sequin!

Gina said...

I still like the other one better and I wouldn't use a sequin at all.
:-)))) Gina

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Happy Beaks
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