23 June 2008

Are we there yet?

Do you remember the kids sitting in the back of the car and saying 'are we there yet?' after you'd done a mile or two on the holiday journey? I do!!!! I feel like that with the snowflakes!!! I've now done 84 and a half so should finish this evening. Well, if I don't get distracted!!!
Ah, tattingchic, the 'im wot must be obeyed' is Nick!!! He isn't a person who thinks he should be obeyed one bit. The kindest man you'd ever wish to meet but (like me) he has a HUGE sense of humour!!!! We thrive on each others company.
I made some more roly poly tat bags yesterday so hope to have time to list a few more in my Etsy shop tomorrow. I'll keep you posted!!!


Tattycat said...

Oh, how well do I remember that? And the arguing about one touching the other or being on their side of the car! I know you are anxious to be finished.
Hey, I had forgotten about your pretend name for Nick. I need to use that on Bill for sure! I'm anxious to see more bags in the shop.

Marty said...

We're THERE! Yea! My dad was just like Mr. Incredible -- "We'll get there when we get there!" You're certainly busy lately, Jane.

LadyShuttleMaker aka MadMadPotter said...

Jane, you have been awarded AND tagged. Please see my blog for details. :)

Ais said...

HiJjane... you get an award on my blog:)

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