28 June 2008

My two favourite brain cells

Well, they're my two favourite cells because they're the only ones I've got!!! They were both working well yesterday!!!
I've been trying to design a shuttle pouch for my Aero shuttles. I want it to be suitable for shuttles with picks too and also to have spaces for spare bobbins. Well the actual
first attempt did all that but needed some tweaking. Then I decided that it still hadn't solved the problem of hooks poking through the fabric. This has been nagging away at the two brain cells for a week or more now with no luck so yesterday I went down the town to try and resolve this problem.
Oh, before I say more - I'd already tried to resolve this by cutting up plastic lids and inserting those but they were way too bulky and didn't lie well.
So, off I trundled down to the town and I decided to annoy the fabric store first. In the dress fabric section Mrs Miserable was on duty so no luck there! I then wandered into the curtains section and with much joviality was pointed out that probably a certain tye of cloth would do the trick! This shop is SO expensive and I only needed about 3" by 3" to try it out. So, 'girding my loins' (whatever that means!) I decided to annoy the curtain shop on the way home.
EUREKA. The man there has a sense of humour and when I told him I'd come to annoy him he 'rose to the occasion'. I finally bought about half a yard of this type of cloth for a pound!! He said he was glad to see the back of it (it was the tail end of a roll) as I left!!! Actually I reckon if only I'd have been a bit quicker I could have asked him to pay ME to take it away.

Point is, it looks as if it does work. This means that the production of shuttle pouches will soon be underway!!!! I've decided not to make integral bobbin holders but to make separate ones exactly like those I've been using for years!!
Watch this space!!!!!


Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

Jane, you are so funny! I wish I were a shop keeper so you could come annoy me! Can't wait to see the new version!

Tattycat said...

I'm so glad you two favorite brain cells are doing such a good job for you. Do they perhaps train other brain cells to do a better job? Mine need help!

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Happy Beaks
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