22 July 2008

Christmas tree suggestion

I had this message from Jeff who has given  me permission to share.  It's a very clear message with his thoughts on how I worked the tree.  Thanks, Jeff.  

He's got it partly right and I would welcome any further suggestions but will only 'blog' them with permission!!!

"Since no one has posted how they think you did the pin, I'll try.

Starting at the top, you did a series of split rings with beads in the centres and long picots on both sides in which beads can be threaded onto. Next, you start a chain along the bottom (which will continue around), joining to the long beaded picots. Along the chain, you add beads that are a) on the shuttle 2 thread and b) threaded onto picots that are joined back to (similar the TIAS lady) at the widest part of the tree. Once at the top, you join into the star button, and continue back down the other side, again joining to the long picots of the centre split rings. Once you are back at the beginning of the chain, you add the beads that become the trunk of the tree, either just threaded onto the ends of your threads before finishing or joined on in some other 
fashion (I can't really tell how exactly). I'm pretty sure I see a knot at the top of the trunk so I know you ended there.

Hopefully you can understand what I'm trying to say. I'm not sure (obviously!) if this is how you did it, but that's how I would tackle this project. If thats not how you did it, I look forward to hearing your method.



Gina said...

That's pretty much how I saw it too except I thought the split rings started at the top and worked down, then went around, but can't say I paid any attention to where ending threads might be so - it was just my first thought about it. I already know that I never can keep up with your brain cells Jane.

:-) Gina

Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

I'm glad Jeff was able to get it partly right... my brain still isn't functioning properly, so I'm no good to you... split rings, long picots, beads... part of my brain knows what's going on, but the other part is saying, "Whoa, Nellie!" Maybe it's because I've been on auto-pilot with baby blankets!

Iris Niebach said...

I would make it in the following way: Load the beads on the thread, dividing them in the right way on the two shuttles, make the inner rings from top to bottom with half SCMR with the beads in the middle, like it is described on Marilees blog and with picots loaded with the right amount of green beads. Climb up on the other side with chains and the same picots loaded with the green beads. Them go around on the outher side with the chain, taking the read beads on from the working thread. For the top star I don't know. At the bottom you finish the thread and hide with the big read bead.

Iris Niebach said...

no, I made an error, perhaps you have to go from bottom to top and close at the point of the star.

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