19 August 2008

For Georgia!!

I'm sure she won't mind me sharing as I've no idea why dear Georgia challenged me to this but she did!!!  A few months ago when I was deeeeeply into sequins and Christmas trees Georgia had seen a couple of rainbow patterns and decided they reminded her of a Spanish dancing lady's skirt.  

She asked me if it was possible!!!  Here's the lady so far.  

Georgia really wanted the rose to be held between her teeth but it looked a bit daft to me but that can easily be changed with a couple of stitches using invisible thread.   Next project?  Hmmmm, the lover to dance with her, I guess.  

Strange when I start these new projects I always think it won't be hard cause I can steal from my other patterns.  Rarely, if ever, does this work out!!  I did take the basic arms and head from the button family but even those had to be changed to get the arms in the 'right' position!!!!  

I managed to finish her yesterday evening after 'one of those days' chasing my tail.  It started on the run in the morning and continued like that all day but I did manage a walk without getting wet!!!  Still it's what keeps me young and beautiful (cough, cough, splutter, splutter), I suppose!!!


Tattycat said...

She is lovely. I like the way her skirt appears to swirl. I also like what I assume is a castinet in her hand. Good work!

BJ said...

What a clever gel! So that is what was "perking" in Jane's brain! LOL
She looks ready to participate in Ballet Folklorico!
X bj

Sherry aka Celtic Dream Weaver said...

Janey, O Janey,
I love your Tat Spanish Dancer. She is pretty. I love her skirt and take a look at her Matila ( probably misspelled) on her head. I also love my Tat Celtic Dream Weaver that Martha design and gave to me last year...and Martha will be seeing her again. She is going in her very own special suitcase.
I will have show and tell on my blog hopefully tomorrow. I got something in the mail today and it is so pretty....pssst Janey,O Janey

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Happy Beaks
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