17 August 2008

What I really, really need!

I was out on my daily walk (between the inevitable showers) when I realised what I really, really want (or need) is a bag. Whoops, I know I've got bags galore but this would be a different sort of bag.
When I'm sitting in waiting rooms or such like and 'tat in public' I usually make small SCMR butterflies. I give away as I go but usually have a stock of them in a bag. Well, I say in a bag but this is usually a small self seal plastic bag. I would like a 'real' bag to put my little stock of butterflies in.
This bag needs to be small and easily opened and closed in a hurry. I'd also like it to open out flat so that people can choose which coloured critter they want. So, when I got home I had a quick 'play'. I've come up with a simple round shape with a draw cord right at the top.
I need to avoid a tie which needs knotting or tying in a bow. I think I've got the answer. I hope to show the first 'draft' tomorrow or Wednesday.
Tatting? Slow progress and little of it!!!

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TotusMel said...

I just realized that you are just like my mother-in-law. She's a public knitter, absolutely everywhere she goes her needles are in hand with a little plastic jar with a handle full of yarn. She knits dishcloths and hands them out to people she meets. You two would get on like best mates!

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Happy Beaks
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