21 August 2008

The old bag lady strikes again!

Now while I was sitting in the waiting room awaiting my turn to see the nurse on Monday afternoon I was tatting as usual. For years now I've found that waiting rooms never have a bin for rubbish!! So, here I was with my bits of thread yet again and nowhere to put them.

Not only that but I've been using a small (and getting grubbier!!) plastic bag to put finished butterflies in. I thought, yet again, that I really have to take myself in hand over the way I work in these situations. I thought (don't forget that I only have 2 regular brain cells and thinking makes them hurt) - this needs a bag!!

So, on Tuesday I set out to try and make one to cover my 'needs'. You'll see what I've made below but I'm not happy with this design yet!!! (Sorry about the poor quality pictures). It's sort of a mini roly poly but with a drawstring top. I've put a small 'pocket' on the outside for 'bits' of thread to be pushed in until I get home from the vets (sorry, I mean doctors/hospitals) but I'm not happy with this yet. It's fully lined but it is a bit too small!!! I'll have to have a re-think on this one!!  It's got to be small enough to fit into the roly poly but not tooooo small.  I think it may just need to be a bit taller but with the same sized base?  Any suggestions would be welcome - even (and especially) funny ones!!!


Maureen said...

You're sounding a bit like Eeyore -with a bag to keep in a bag! It's gorgeous, much too nice for scraps of thread.

Randi said...

Jane, why not make a flat, lined circle with a casing on or near the edge? It would open wide enough for people to easily see/choose one of your butterflies.

Making the drawstring a bit shorter than the circumference would keep it from opening flat and allowing the b-flies to 'flutter' to the floor-HORRORS!

I wonder if a sheer fabric would work, reducing bulk since space is at a premium in the roly-poly bag.

Looking forward to seeing your final product as you always find such unique solutions. Good luck!

Jane Eborall said...

Hi Randi
That's one of the options I've already tried but I think I might just do a small drawstring sort of bag. I hope to get the sewing machine out again next week - once the grandkids have gone home!!!

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Happy Beaks
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