23 August 2008

Sorry, no progress!!

Yesterday I did nothing, well no tatting as I had too much other stuff to do and by the evening (and after a glass of the red) I was feeling toooooo lazy. Life gets complicated at times and I've been hurt by somebody who I used to consider a friend and who I've helped a lot over the past year or more. I'm at a complete loss as to why but shit happens and life goes on!
On a separate issue. A tatter in the UK sent me a url where a lot of my images from my patterns had been uploaded. Now this is an odd situation to be landed in. Let me explain.
I put patterns on the internet so that others (if they like) can download and use them. I expect no reward for this and no payment. When I find that my images have been taken and put on a photo web site then I wonder why. What would be the reason for doing this?
I have, over the years, put my images onto a couple of these photo hosting sites but I don't allow others to 'see' them without inviting them to. With Picassa, Photobucket, Flickr etc you can 'choose' who sees them.
OK, so this is no great deal for me (images being taken) although I wonder what they've been linked to. BUT when I see on this same site that my friends and others have had entire books scanned and uploaded for anybody to see/use then my blood boils. I'm not going to give the link as that would be acknowledging that this form of copyright theft is OK.
Many thanks to the friend who pointed this out to me. Already one of those affected will be taking action against this person through their publisher.


Anonymous said...

This is dreadful, you are so generous with your pattterns and for your generousity to be abused in this way is despicable. I hope the person concerned gets their just reward.

Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

I'm sorry you've been hurt in such a mean way, Jane. I guess some people find it too difficult to ask permission. I can't imagine why someone would take advantage of your generosity in such a way. I hope the saying' s true... what goes around comes around.

Jane Eborall said...

Oh, I'm not so bothered about images being taken but I am upset that whole books have been uploaded. The people have been informed.
I'm more bothered about being kicked by somebody to whom I've given a lot of support in the past and without any reasons being given. Still, tat's life, eh?

Anonymous said...

I would be bothered by the whole thing but especially bothered that a friend would do something like that. I have had my share of so called friends in past. It a sad day.
Mobile, Al.

connie said...

Sending a transatlantic hug.
Hope that soon the slight will be healed and you'll feel more like yourself.
Been there felt that.

LadyShuttleMaker aka MadMadPotter said...

Chin up Jane, this too shall pass.
Sending big hugs your way!

Ladytats said...

Hugs Jane, I hope your so called friend will come to their senses and beg forgiveness. If not, then you are within your rights to strike that person's name from your list of friends.
Best wishes on getting your photos removed from the offending website.

Anonymous said...

A "friend" like that? Needed like a hole in the head. True friends rise to the top, like cream. And they 'fatten' you up with love! :>) Bev

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