12 August 2008

A new design - probably!!

At long last the muse has struck again!!! I'll blog this when I've made a bit of progress.

This morning I'm taking a big risk!! I'm going to the antiques centre in town. The risk is that somebody might want to buy me as an interesting piece of antiquity!!!

Seriously. I wandered in there on Saturday to see if there were any new stalls. There used to be a great little place selling a few beads and buttons but it closed down some six months ago. Anyway this time I found a lovely jewellery place and got talking to the lady who runs it. She'd got some very pretty necklaces but I was looking for loose beads which she doesn't 'do'. So we were talking and she noticed some of the tatting I was wearing. She asked how it was made and I said it was tatting. Eventually she asked how much I'd charge to teach her. Silly woman - as if I'd charge!! In the end she said she'd pay me 'in beads'!!! So, we'll see how things go this morning!!!

I got the purple zips yesterday morning so hope to make a start on the purple set of roly poly bags this afternoon - specially as it's raining again!!!!


Lace-lovin' Librarian - Diane said...

Payment in beads... hmmm... very interesting. I'd be tempted to fly over and help you, but I'd need to be paid in marbles... I seem to have lost a few of mine in the past few years. Have fun teaching your new pupil! I hope she catches on quickly and starts blogging about her tatting!

Tattycat said...

OOh, will teach for beads. I love it! Let us know how it goes. Purple bags? You are killing me!

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Happy Beaks
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