15 August 2008


Yesterday morning on my way back from town and posting roly poly bags I popped in to see my new student. She was busy with customers but did say that she'd been practicing but couldn't get the thread to pull up into a ring. I reassured her that she was perfectly normal and that most new tatters had that problem. I'll pop in later this morning and show her again.
When I went to see Aileen on Wednesday I told her about the purple fabric and the blue fabric selling so well as roly poly bags (she'd given me those two pieces too). She disappeared for a short while and came back with more of the blue!!! So, yesterday I started making two more bags with this. I did confess to having kept one of these sets for myself!!! Below is 'one I made earlier' to use Blue Peter speak!!! I hope to list these two and another very pretty one over the weekend.

Tatting?  Well I'm still working on the new idea but 'fell out' with it yesterday evening.  Now this is a reasonably good sign - along with a nudge from Georgia Seitz who orignally suggested the idea a few months ago!!!!  It means that I need to start the second half of this one again - maybe this evening!!!!


Tattycat said...

congratulations on finding more fabric! Very pretty. Yes, do bet back to that tatting project.

imsywriter said...

ooou, I love this blue butterfly. Are you going to make the matching poke proof bag with it? If so, can you save me one of each in the blue butterfly? I'm sy, from eTatters. Having trouble signing in so I'm using my AIM log-in. I'm still sy though! lol!

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Happy Beaks
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