11 August 2008

Some progress!

I had another look at trying to link up with flickr in order to add a slide show to this blog. I'm not stupid - well not THAT stupid but I've still not got it 'sorted'!!! Perhaps I should just give up!!!
I had a welcome interruption to the morning yesterday so nothing got started until later in the day. I've still got to check out the new web pages but that should only take half a day and then I can 'go public'!!
Bags and pouches are selling steadily in the Etsy shop so as soon as I get a moment I'll be making more!!!
I'm also feeling the urge to design something new coming over me!! Can't decide which idea to tackle first - will consult with brain cell # 3 - a reliable chap!!!
I finished the second seahorse yesterday and took Saturday's to pieces again. I just wasn't happy with the size of the poor wee thing in the bracelet. I found a slightly smaller bracelet and have made more seaweed and mounted it again. It looks so much better.  These little guys will be in the Etsy shop sometime this week!!!


Tara said...

I love your seahorses in the rings! Very cute! I'll have to try that.


Tattycat said...

I'm back and trying to catch up. No catching up to you! The sea horses are precious!

Ridgewoman said...

I love my seahorse. I know I have to give them as a gift; that is why I bought them. But they are so cute! LOL
You are too clever by far!

TAFN Beverly

Tatman said...

I like using http://www.picturetrail.com/ for slideshows. They have some cool graphics and different options for framing your photos within the slide show. Check it out!!

BTW...cute seahorses!

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