13 August 2008

Tatting lesson and Sharon's work

I went to see the lady in the antique centre and we got along fine.  She quickly got the hang of the 'flipping flip' so that was good.  I will pop in to see her when I wander down the town which will be later this morning as I have two Etsy sales to mail!!!  There is only 1 roly poly left now in the purple and I had to make an 'emergency' purple pouch half way through the day.  Sadly I have no more of that fabric left for another pouch.  Still, somebody might want 'just a bag' for their cosmetics or something!!!!

Below is Sharon's patchwork mat which she sent me a picture of yesterday.  It's SO rewarding to actually see that people can understand my patterns and make them up.  It's very strange nowadays as I rarely get to hear about them being used unless I see them on other people's blogs.  Gives the 'old git' a buzz every time I spot them, though.  Even brain cell # 3 comes out of hiding to take a bow!!!!

I wish I could analyze my 'need' to design and why I continue.  When I've finally finished a design and it's put on the web site it's like having delivered a baby.  That enormous sense of relief!!!  Very soon after, though, the need to make something 'new' comes over me!!!!  Suppose tat's life!!!


Gina said...

Looks like stained glass. Also seems a nice way to use up odds and ends of spools of thread. Sharon did well!

You know, I hadn't thought about it but I hardly ever personally contact someone when I've made their pattern. I guess I think they're too busy and might even be irritated that I've interrupted their day. I know...how silly is that? But I also may tat several different people's patterns in a week...it would take too much time to contact them. Less time for tatting. Ha!

And you have SO MANY patterns! LOL!

:-) Gina

Anonymous said...

Seems like a good time for me to chime in and say that I use your patterns!

I made a couple of penguins recently (I did stuff up the tail of the first, and forgot to photograph the second before I gave it away), they were a lot of fun and fascinated everyone who saw them.

Thanks for sharing :)

Jane Eborall said...

Ooooh, Gina. Take your point!!! LOVE the penguins betsybookwyrm - thanks SO much for showing me.

BJ said...

Looks like a stained glass window in Charte. Really beautiful. I've not made 'anything' that is in that shape ~ no doileys. I keep looking for a pattern; and, this is intriguing. I guess the first larger piece of yours I did was Kokopelli; and I'd like to try another one in 09 as we discussed. I'm glad you have a "need" to design because those of us who do not design have a "need" for patterns. Yes, even if we have shelves full of books. LOL go figure.
I am blessed every day knowing you and benefitting from your brain cell #3.

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