30 April 2009

More about the double double idea!

Yesterday I managed to squeeze in time to do this page explaining Rhoda Auld's idea. There's a picture at the bottom of the blog of what it eventually looks like.

I'm not sure it's going to be a lot of use but it's an interesting idea!!! Well, it interested me for a few hours! I'll be returning to Rhoda's book for another look now she's woken me up again!

I also managed to list two sets of coasters and the tatting bags in
my Etsy store yesterday. It was another of those occasions when I'd finished listing and wandered off to do something else. I returned half an hour later and one of the bags had already sold.

I'm now wondering whether to use the butterfly fabric or a rather nice brownish paisley print that I've got. Mind there are so many it's very hard to choose out of my stash.

How did I get so much done when I was out all morning teaching Silver Surfers?


Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

From the picture, it looks like you pass the shuttle through two times before snugging up the thread... is that right? Yesterday, I thought you meant to complete the first half two times, then the second half two times, kind of like rick rack tatting. Either way, it is very interesting.

Needledreams said...

Thanks so much for the page. Already on my folder. :-)

If you decided to use the butterfly fabric let me know! I would love to have a pretty bag with the fabric.

Anonymous said...

Jane that looks to me like Ruth Perry's BDS(Balanced Double Stitch)and I find it incredibly useful for chains that you want to have some body and keep their shape and longer--over 10ds--chains. I haven't tried them in a big ring but I think they would work. I don't care who devised it...we can all recreate the wheel when needed...Keep sharing your incredible patterns and knowledge as we all can use more good things in the system. Peace, Cynthia

Jane Eborall said...

Ah, Cynthia, the good old wheel keeps going round and round. I didn't realise that the BDS is Ruth's 'take' on Rhoda's idea. That's, of course, if even Rhoda was the first!! That wheel again!!!

Stephanie said...

The page looks great, as do all of your pages. Perfect for those of us who need to see it to do it! Like others have said, Ruth Perry uses what she calls the balanced double stitch in a lot of her patterns. It's quite the thread eater, but great for those super long chains and large rings.

Unknown said...

OH, COOL...a photo! Thanks! ;)

Ridgewoman said...

And from The Bard, "Much Ado . . ." It's sad that tatters can be 'territorial' about how to tie a knot...When sailors have been doing it for eons.. There is more to life than 'naming a knot.." I like Tat-Man's perspective! Logic prevails. X Bev

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