2 May 2009

One down - three to go!!!

What with housework, shopping and other boring stuff I didn't get much time to sew yesterday!! However I did manage one of the butterfly bags and I'm delighted with it. Hopefully I'll get the others done today (hmmmm, difficult typing with my fingers crossed!) and then I'll list them.

Oh, I noticed a few days ago that I'd got 100 followers. I mentioned this to Nick who said (rather dryly) 'one of those is the Inland Revenue'!!! Which reminds me - must do some more to my tax return!!!!


Sally Kerson said...

Morning big sis! Well you can now tell Nick that you have 101 followers. Congratulations!

Tatman said...

Nick is a stick in the mud LOL!! Happy One Hundred Followers....101 now.

Needledreams said...

Wow 100 followers! Congrats! BTW... Separate one of those butterflies bag for me. :-) It's so purty!!! ☺

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