28 April 2009

On the horns of a dilemma!

Well, not really but I do need to decide which fabric to use next!!!

I LOVE these butterflies but also the sewing
notions too.

So hard to decide which to use.

First of all here's a close up of the bobbin fabric that I used for the last two bags. Isn't it lovely?

Oh, before I wander off for a shower, breakfast etc I must share this link with you. What FUN. I wish I'd been there to see this performance - I'd have tried to join in, knowing me!!!


Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

I kind of like the sewing fabric... those scissors caught my eye!

Thanks for the link... it was fun to watch! I'd have probably tried to join in, too! However, I'd have been stumbling over my feet, and I'd have been at least two beats behind!

Tatman said...

I really like the sewing notions fabric....maily because of the shuttles and bobbins on it. But I like all notions. COOL!
I have seen that video before. Quite amazing feat!

Fox said...

What a marvelous link! A joy to watch! You made my day. Thanks, Jane for sharing this. It is a terrific boost to the spirit on a rainy day in Toronto!

: ) Fox

JB said...

The sewing notion fabric is my favorite. Thanks for sharing that video--it's cool.

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Happy Beaks
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