4 June 2009

Bagging again!!

This is what I made over the space of a couple of days for a friend.

On the left (plain blue) is a regular 2009 style tatting bag with a poke proof pouch lying in front.
My friend brought the shuttle print fabric and her own bag and asked me if I could make one like it. This is the one on the right and it is a lot bigger. I DO hope it's OK!!! The design difference is that it has pockets on the outside.

I actually have a similar bag which I used as a 'model' but decided (personally) that as I'm such a ditz I'd be safer having pockets on the inside of a bag!! Less chance of losing things!!

I'm on the 'home run' for bag making. I've another five or six cut out and 'ready to go'. Some are half done so won't take long to finish.

Once these are done I'll put the machine away and start preparing for Palmetto.

I like to - well, I'll tell you another day. Tell or bore you!!!


TattingChic said...

I like the pocketes on the inside of the bag...it has nothing to do with being a ditz, Jane! It's a little problem called GRAVITY! LOL!

Jane Eborall said...

DUH, forgot gravity!!! Guess that's what causes me to keep my feet on the ground!!!!

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Happy Beaks
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