1 June 2009


Remember my friend that I did the small snowflakes for the other week? Well she asked me to make her 10 small (5 ring) butterflies.

I'd done them for her before many, many years ago but had 'lost' the pattern and hadn't got any of her blue thread. I had to ask for both!!!

The thread arrived on Saturday morning with the pattern. I'd forgotten that she doesn't do anything other than rings and chains so her pattern started with a back wing and followed on round with a long picot on the head ring which was later cut for the feelers.

Anybody who knows me and the way I design must realise that I HAT
E ends and will 'work round' them at every opportunity and find ways of avoiding finishing ends.

So the first thing I did was re-write her wee pattern to make the final ring the head using a SR and thus cutting the ends to form the feelers.
The butterflies are done and will be flying off in the post tomorrow!!


Tattycat said...

Very prety and clever!

Carol Lawecki said...

Ooohh it is the perfect size to use up thread on shuttles. Little butterflies are what I make to use up my thread. I give the little butterflies away when people see me tatting and are curious. In fact I was tatting at a friends house the other day and there were four little girls there and they were so interested in my tatting. I ended up giving them all a few butterflies. So I need to make more for my giveaway stash. '
Have a great day!

Miranda said...

I was about to say this would be a good place for a SSSR- why wind a second shuttle just for one SR? But then I realized that wouldn't work for antennae since you'd only have one end. But I know you've been thinking about SSSR's a lot lately, as have I, and I've come to the conclusion that there are probably a lot of ring-only patterns that could benefit from this technique... too bad this isn't one of them.

Jane Eborall said...

Hi Miranda. I don't actually wind a second shuttle!! I'm WAAAAYYY too lazy!!! I leave an end at the start which I use to finger tat the second half of the SR at the end. Then I've got that end and the shuttle end as feelers. Job done!!! So many ways to do things!!!!

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Happy Beaks
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