3 June 2009

News about my new shuttle

Carol Lawecki left this comment on my blog yesterday which I'm copying over here as it contains interesting information about my raffle win on Saturday:-

"I love that shuttle. I saw that shuttle in a catalog in 1998 and sent away for the catalog hoping to someday order that shuttle. Well I still have the catalog, but didn't order the Toucan Shuttle.

The catalog was called Sebalace and they are in the UK. Here is the address, but I don't know if they are still in business. Waterloo Mill, Howden Rd., Silsden, Keighley, W. Yorkshire BD20 OHA Tele: (01535) 655885. No web site listed.

There was also a fish shuttle and a seahorse shuttle like the toucan in this catalog along with other unique lace related items."

Following on from her comment I also had an email from Rosemarie Peel who also said the following:-

"Dear Jane I tried to write this comment on your blog but of course I was not logged in.

If the shuttle came from Sabalace it probably came to Caroline via the late Audrey Jackson who used to live up in Yorkshire.

She worked for Sebalace when they were still in business before she moved down to Warwick.

Prior to forming the Heart of England Tatters in 1999, I had a tatting meeting at my
house and both Caroline and Audrey came."

Sadly as Audrey is no longer with us so I can't check with her. Thank you, Carol and Rosemarie. This makes the shuttle even more precious. Hmmm, I'd now love the other two in the set!


Carol Lawecki said...

Hi Jane, glad the information was useful. Rosemarie had some great information too! That would be cool if you could find the other shuttles to match. Good luck in your search!

Gina said...

I love it when you get some of the history of something given to you. It makes it even more meaningful.

Valerie said...

hey jane, your toucan shuttle's beautiful. it would be great if i have one too :p (drool...)

LadyShuttleMaker aka MadMadPotter said...

I just love how all these special items make their way into deserving homes. What a cool story.

Bonnie said...

Your shuttle is very neat, Jane. Your a very lucky tatter. What a keepsake.

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