2 June 2009

Where did yesterday go?

If anybody has the answer could they let me know?

After a messing around sorting stuff out morning, a lunchtime sorting out utility bills - grrrrr - I finally got round to some sewing. I'm desperately trying to build up a stock of bags to take to Palmetto Tat Days. I seem to be fighting a losing battle lately as life keeps getting in the way!!!

In the evening I settled down to tat another dangle but was really too tired to fiinish off the last ring of the round which is a little hard. Still there's always today, isn't there?!?!?!

I've been asked to do a design for an upcoming and top secret publication but so far the muse is eluding me. Maybe I'll get fed up with dangles soon and get cracking on that!!!

Below is one of the pictures that I took at Rosemarie's tatting afternoon on Saturday.


Sally Kerson said...

I think there should be a caption on this photo - such as "Okay they promised me a cup of tea and I've bought my tatting along, but are the Chippendales behind that green curtain!?"

ancolie said...

I don't have the answer but this is a good question !
Thank you for your patterns and your technical sheets ! your monkey is so cute ;-)) I 'll certainly do it !

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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