10 November 2009

More of the same but with news

Just thought I'd let you all know (and myself too!) that I've decided on which drawing programme I'm going to use on the mac.  I tested many.  Some free and others 'not so free'!!!

I didn't go for the high end ones as I knew I'd never need all the 'bells and whistles' either.  I actually finished up with EazyDraw which you can find here.  You can download a trial of it but it does limit you to what you can do.  I tested it out by deleting as I tested over the space of several days.  I then decided to go ahead and take the $20 option and will make a further payment for the full licence in a couple of months time.  Hopefully there will be 'pennies' in the bank by then!!!!

Now what I DO like about this package is the 'drawing a curve' tool.  I've found that I can get instant and very beautiful curves with this.  Apart from the learning curves of new technical words (for the same things as Serif) the whole thing is drop dead easy.  IF there's anybody out there in tat land who uses this package or who intends to try it then I'll happily exchange ideas and 'tricks'!!!

Below is a very quick drawing I did when I found out how to add little 'nodes' (well, that's what I call 'em!) to an already 'noded' line.  Took about five minutes!!!


Gina said...

Ha! I'm so tempted to doodle in an eye and nose and mouth! Your drawings are always so good. I think it will take the rest of us quite some time to be as proficient!

Tatman said...

COOL! you are just ".....this...." close to experiencing what Adobe Illustrator can do. More bells and whistles, but you don't need all that to make tatting diagrams. I use my pen tool with "nodes"(they are called anchor points) 100% of the time in Illustrator. And of course the elipse and rectangle tool. But to make diagrams, all you need is the pen tool and elipse tool. You are set!


Ridgewoman said...

So glad you found one that works on our Macs; now I can begin to 'doodle' also. I really like the look of your new banner.
Yeah, I learned to move the photos from DH digital to my mac; so can now upload photos to blogs and share in e-mails. hooray!

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