14 November 2009

More to show!

Don't go yawning now!!!  I know it's more of the same thing but I really have a lot to make and not much time to do them in!!!

Having said that - I will be blogging other stuff in between!!!!

I just LOVE playing with colours but really need to look at the 'not quite so bright' ones.  These cheer up the dull winter evenings so much. 

There should've been another to go with this one - one with an orange middle.  Something went wrong yesterday evening - something to do with a glass of red wine and being tired.  I fell asleep (as often happens) with shuttles in my hand!!!!  Hopefully you'll get to see the other one tomorrow!!!!


Gina said...

What a wonderful way to fall off into slumber! A glass of wine and shuttles in hand!

Sally Kerson said...

She is always drinking Gina!!!!!! Shouldn't be in control of shuttles in that state.

IsDihara said...

This snowflake looks so fabulous in two colors! It's the contrast between the graceful curves (in orange) and the straight, angles of the green points. Plus, the beadwork compliments everything so nicely, it doesn't overpower the lace.

Keep 'em comin', Jane. I could look at these beauties all day.

Fox said...

Love the two colours and Sally's comment cracked me up!
In Ontario, new laws have banned hand-held cell phone use. Perhaps it it now imperative that I call my local MPP about the dangers of being merely in possession a tatting shuttle while behind the wheel!
Fox : )

Maureen said...

I think this one is my favourite so far - until the NEXT!

sewmuchfun4 said...

Boy, I REALLY like these colors together - it's a whole new look for this motif and shows how versatile it is!
:) Ann

Unknown said...

Why did you say not to yawn...it totally made me yawn, LOL! It certainly had nothing to do with the tatting, though! I'm just plain tired, but that's okay. Your pattern looks so nice in those colors!

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