11 November 2009

Question - when is a fairy NOT a fairy?

Answer - when it's either a snowman or a Santa!!!!

These were both made by Geraldine who said:

'Hi jane, just finished this little man it go's with my snowman. Yes feel free to blog . It's your pattern. Have made a copy of your e-mails and blog.'

Just for those who don't know - Geraldine has taken the flower fairy pattern and used it as a basis for these two little decorations.  Guess what I'll be making soon - when I've done another one or two of the Snowsettias!!!!



Susanne said...

Oh, they are incredible cute. Great work.

Anonymous said...

Oh, so adorable. Carol, my friend and yours share the pics with me on the snowman. I love the santa. So Cool!

Ridgewoman said...

What a very clever adaptation of your fairy. Thanks for sharing.

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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