13 November 2009

Nicole's work

For those of  you who remember - below are pictures of the finished piece that Nicole designed and made with the black strips I did for her back earlier this year.

Unfortunately the strips don't show up very well on the photos as the base fabric is this rather gorgeous blue.  I'm sure it looked stunning.

Nicole not only designed this dress but made it too.  She just ran out of time over the tatting as she's a full time student.  What a splendid advert for tatting.  Maybe as she becomes famous as a fashion designer her love of our craft will show through in more of her work.


Sally Kerson said...

Yea its a shame you can't see them that well in the photo, a lot of work went into all that tatting, it will be interesting to see what she does with your random piece!

Gina said...

yep - I can't see a thing! Looks like a fringe around the bottom but I'm not sure. I kknow it had to be gorgeous.

Ridgewoman said...

Very interesting; she is quite a seamstress. I wish we could see the tatting better ~ the placement. Looks like we'll be going to Tucson Nov 23-25th.

Unknown said...

I can't see the black tatted strips at all let along "that well" like some are saying...I see not one bit o'tatting! Nicole is a beautiful gal with a beautiful talent! That is one gorgeous blue! Her designed dress looks beautiful on her!

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