6 March 2010

Look what I did!

Well, no, that's not totally true!!!   I did pay a small part in this but only a very small one.

Do you remember Nicole and the tatting I did for her?  Here's a link to one of the parts of the project.

Nicole asked me to make strips of random tatting in a size 80 thread and that's what I did.  They were for part of her design course.  A few days ago she sent me the pictures (below) of the final piece AND the following message.

"I have attached some of the dress making process, where the fringing was created and how the tatting was attached. In the photoshoot images, I am afraid that the tatting is not very visible due to the nature of the shot and the delicate work involved, but hopefully you can see how it all came together at the end.

The collection was a great success, I got through to the final show at the Victoria and Albert museum in London, and from this I was head hunted by a designer called Roland Mouret, I start there in two weeks. I got my final marks back last week, and I got a distinction. So i'm really pleased that all my hard work paid off."

I'm SO proud of this lass and feel honoured to have been able to help her.  Not only that but she's put tatting right at the helm of the design world.   WELL DONE NICOLE.


Maureen said...

That is incredibly beautiful - and I think you fulfilled your brief brilliantly, Jane!

Cindy said...

Beautiful dress - and adding tatting was genius! It's great to see tatting in the fashion/design world. Your tatting looks beautiful on that dress - wonderful of you to help out another talented artist. Kudos to you both.

sewmuchfun4 said...

Beautiful dress! So your tatting goes all the way around above the fringe. It's perfect. So great to see two creative minds working together to make something VERY special!
:) Ann

Sally Kerson said...

I bet you had no idea your very strange tatting would look that good! Still at lease you did not have to follow a pattern. I think you should both be proud of yourselves

Fox said...

What a wonderful example of haute couture! It is a fantastic dress, delightfully enhanced by your tatting! Congrats to you both!
Fox : )

Gina said...

I love it and only wish I could see it better!

victats@gmail.com said...

How wonderful!

Carol Schockling Lawecki said...

Congratulations Jane!! How fantastic to have your works of art on this beautiful dress!! I couldn't imagine what she was going to do with the odd shaped tatted piece you were making. I wonder if she designed the dress embelishment after she saw the shape your tatting took? Fantastic!!

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