4 March 2010


Yes, again!!!!

Two more butterfly bookmarks.  

This time the reason was because I wanted to try out some glass beads I bought in America.  They were cheap (well, they'd have to be for me to buy them!) and looked really good in the packets.  Time to show them the light of day!!!

Here they are on the two bookmarks.  I was SO pleased with them as they show up well and sparkle very prettily.


Crazy Mom! said...

I see you are using Lizbeth variegated thread. We will make you a true convert to HDT yet!

Am thinking of beads and tatting thread in hairpin lace.....

Fox said...

Mmmm... sparkly!!
Fox The Crow : ))

Unknown said...

Pretty Jane!

Corina said...

Very pretty!

Marty said...

They look wonderful! This has become my very favorite bookmark pattern.

sarah louise said...

oh, so pretty! that's a beautiful pattern. great choice of colors, too. thanks for sharing! jane -- i so admire your robin (& bluebird!) in your etsy shop. it's top on my list to buy once i get a few sales under my belt myself!

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