3 March 2010

WARNING - do NOT read at risk of jealousy

I can guarantee that if you read and look any further than this you'll be turning greeeeeen with jealousy.

Teri Dusenbury read my grumble about my 75th blood donation and felt sorry for me.  Wasn't that kind?  This is the link in case you've got time to read it.

Do you know what she did?  That extremely kind lass went and made me this necklace to cheer me up.  I mean, would you ever, ever trade a National Blood Donor certificate for something like THIS?  NO WAY.

Not only this necklace which I haven't been able to do justice too but also the beads, two spools of Dual Duty threads AND some other samples too.


Deb said...

How lovely! Teri is a truly gifted tatter and designer, and she's sent you a treasure very befitting your accomplishment. When I look at her work online, I'm amazed by her artistry and talent. I can just imagine how lovely it must be in person. Congratulations, and enjoy - you deserve it.

IsDihara said...

Ooh, an EPIC win for a very worthy lass! Enjoy your lovely goodies from Teri. She's sweet.

Bonnie said...

I am turning green! Teri is a wonderful, giving person and an amazing artist!

You sure are loved, Jane.

Carol Schockling Lawecki said...

(((JANE)) I'm green with envy. I have often looked at Teri's beautiful turtle necklaces wishing she offered them for sale. The tatted beaded creations of hers are so unique!! How generous of her to gift you with one. Happy Dance!! I wish Teri's site was back up, I miss going there for my daily eye candy. Did you ever get the t-shirt for the 75 blood donation??

Sunela said...

WOW!!! Lucky you. Teri's bead work is beautiful. I can only "dream" of doing something like that. I am jealous but you deserve it.

Crazy Mom! said...


You are very deserving of a goodie after 75 donations. And WHAT a goodie this is!

Teri is mighty talented. And to give you one of her lovely turtles - that's epic. Is it tatted in the C-Lon she likes to use? I'd like to see some of that myself.

Enjoy, you lucky lady!

Sharon D. said...

OH how LUCKY are you. I love her tatting. Wish I could do what she does with her thread and beads.

Marty said...

How beautiful! Teri makes the most amazing turtles. To have one for your very own -- and all those other fantastic beads and thread is pretty special.

Corina said...

Wow, I am turning green... It's beautiful!

victats@gmail.com said...

Definitely jealous!

H J Hess said...

I can say, truthfully, that I am not jealous. Truly, no joke. Teri's work is so way above and beyond my reality that I can only look in wonder and amazement. It is incredibly beautiful.
Enjoy not only the gorgeous things Teri sent you, but also her valuable friendship.
It is good to have friends.

Maureen said...

A turtle from Teri is very special - MUCH better than any certificate!

Ridgewoman said...

Me too! Ditto! Same Here! Yada Yada (LOL)

Teri's work is beautiful and innovative. She is the definition of Impeccable Tatting with a shuttle!


Kathy Niklewicz said...

I'm so glad you've linked to Teri's beautiful new site. It's like visiting an exclusive jewelry store! Her creations are mind-boggling, and it's fabulous that you have one of her 'signature' turtle necklaces! Very special, indeed, and very generous of her.

And how generous of YOU, to have donated blood for so long! Truly admirable.

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