22 April 2010

Nothing to do with tatting!

Nope, nothing AT ALL.

But the title of this blog is 'not a lot else' so that's my excuse!!  It's also craft work too - sewing in fact!!!

Now for the story.  I was given a doll's cot when I was a wee girl - about 150 years ago!!!  I can't remember now what it looked like then and as we didn't have a camera I have no pictures (oh, how things have changed, eh?).  My sister (Sally) remembers playing with the cot and loving it too.

Well, when I produced two girls of my own (poor things - but they survived!) I still had the cot and re-covered it with the fabric you can see below.  Horrid, isn't it?  Since then it's been stored in several lofts yet again and has gone through some trauma living in those on it's own during the past 40+ years since my kids outgrew it!!!

Two and a half years ago I was lucky enough to be granted my first granddaughter after three delightful grandsons who are 'real boys' and wouldn't have been interested in dolls!!!!  I then rescued the cot and brought it home just over a year ago.

Now is the  time for it to morph into another era of it's life.  I suppose it's an antique (like me) but it's valueless (also like me) as it's not got the original covering (heck, nor have I!).  I've never seen anything like it anywhere else.  The second picture shows it in it's 'raw' state.


Sally Kerson said...

Oh wow a "blast from the past" didn't know that this part of my childhood (also) still existed! I agree that is horrible fabric, the design on the fabric is too big to start with - look forward to seeing it morph!

Tatskool said...

Quite a challenge. Looks like fun.
We haven't seen anything of grand daughter recently!
She must be a handful now.

Julia said...

Hummmm.... I think I have something similar to that in my basement.

Jane Eborall said...

Oh, Julia, tell me more. I'd love to know the history/age of the cot.
Tatskool - she's a dear little soul like her big brother. Maybe I'm biased?
Sally, I agree - horrid fabric but I guess I bought it from the local market for a few pence. We were SO poor when the kids were small.

Sherry aka Celtic Dream Weaver said...

that looks like a bassinette to me for babies. Then again ...I guess not. You know I wish I had have of the things I had as a child and don't anymore. LIke the old Barbie doll clothes I had..which btw..I have two of the original Barbies which are worth alot of money...and my Easy BakeOven...LOL...and my old sewing machine that had legs or was that a dresser that had legs...gee now I can't remember...Chatty Kathy Doll...and gee...some of these things are now worth money. But I left them behind when I got married...and who knows what my parents did with them...but I do have the Barbie Dolls...minis all the outfits...but my Barbies do have their bathing suits and so on. Maybe I should sell them...I will have to think on that.

Rosa Goncalves said...

Olá Querida Amiga doce,

*Adoro brincar como uma menina
De cá um sorriso feito carinho
Então vamos lá!
Vem me visitar traga-me presentinho

Um sorriso
Uma flor
Nada mais é preciso
De k um doce amor

Uma palavra de carinho
Tudo pode me alegrar!
Sua amizade o melhor presentinho
Que alguém possa ganhar.

Quem agradece é....
Esta mulher menina
Adorou por aqui passar
Vai ficar em recordação
Que adora sonhar!.
*bejosssss Rosa

Jane Eborall said...

Using Google translator I found out what Rosa's little poem said. Here's a rough translation for you.

Hello Dear Sweet Friend,

I love playing as a girl
From here a smile lovingly made
So come on!
Come visit me bring me gift

A smile
A flower
Nothing else is needed
K sweet love

A word of affection
It can all rejoice!
His friends the best gift
Anyone can win.

Who is .... thanks
This woman girl
She loved going on here
Will stay in memory
Who loves to dream!.

Bejosssss Rosa

Ridgewoman said...

Oh, after reading Celtic Dreamweaver's list (which were things all of my Daughter's had) I feel a real dinosaur! I remember a little baby buggy that was woven with a little round window on each side of the bonnet. And a baby doll with a Tin head ~ Molly! And my beautiful larger baby doll dressed in a icelandic blue velvet trimmed with white rabbit fur, her legs were bent so that when you held her they folded just right in your arms. She had blue working eyes, with real hair eyelashes and a sweet smile with two teeth…She was a real treasure. Of course, I also had Tonka belly dump construction toys; but my favorite of all was my "stick horse" Yes, a stick from a dog wood tree that my parents hauled around until I graduated from high school, took with me and then lost it in the flood. The stick horse became a walking stick over the years.
Ahhh childhood. I do think your cot is quite unique!
xxx P

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