15 May 2010

Another form of play!!!!

Re-visiting another old pattern of mine to make things to sell I've come up with further ideas.  This is the original pattern here.

Interestingly in the 'olden days' I didn't used to put dates on my patterns so I spent a long time researching to find out when I first did this one.  I had to use the wayback machine to find out!!!  It was in 2003 that I first uploaded this pattern - that seems a LONG time ago! 

It's pretty simple but you'll see that there are now other options to the original.  I guess this could be a dangle to hang off a handbag or a phone.  It works really well with the variegated threads, I think.  The top two are my first 'attempts' at this and below are the second variations.

More to come, I promise!!


Typstatting said...

Love the bottom two and they would make nice dangly's!!!!

Sally Kerson said...

Every time you re-visit one of your patterns I search through my folders to find it and then see what changes you have made. Will you be giving the instructions on how to add the bead in the middle? Or is that too simple for words?!!!!

Fox said...

Great with the variegated thread.
Fox : )

TAT19540 said...

Earrings! I see earrings. Or maybe those fobs for back packs or phones. Love the colors.

Carol Schockling Lawecki said...

Oh great idea on the cell phone dangly thing! Love it!!

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