14 May 2010

Seahorses next!!!!!

I thought a few seahorses like this might be another thing I could 'make and take' to the medieval fair!!  I've got a few in my Etsy shop and they are pretty popular there.

This design always makes me smile.  Back in about 2001 (ish) I had a phone call from the crafts editor of a weekly magazine here in the UK.  I'd done one or two things for them before but this was 'urgent'.  Could I do a seahorse for them?  Could I do it within a few days?

Fortunately I'd done this seahorse a few years before so the 'mini' one sounded easy. 

I'll admit that my love for the mini one does somewhat stem from the fact that it did fall into place over the space of a few evenings!!!!  It was published in the magazine about eighteen months later - hmmmm, urgent, eh?  

I've been reading some interesting talk on the lists lately about copyright issues. I can tell you in all honesty that when a design is 'used and abused' by somebody else (the person added PICOTS and missed a ring out) AND it was then published in a tatting magazine it hurts.  

I'm not a worrier about this sort of thing usually but when I'd spent time working on something which I considered innovative then it's 'not on' that a person who'd bought the magazine off the shelves and made a few seahorses should think that they then owned the rights to reproduce it and call it theirs!!! 

OK, I understand that the lady who did this was elderly and didn't understand and it was all sorted out very amicably but there again I feel we should 'research' our new designs as far as we can to try and ensure we don't hurt anybody.  I'd HATE to hurt another tatter. 

OK, off the old soapbox and into the shower.  Looks like we may have warm weather here today!!!!!!


TAT19540 said...

I may not always say it, but I appreciate the time you devote to your patterns. Having worked on(still working on) one of my own, you go through A LOT of 'frogs' before you have your' prince'. I am always amazed at how many patterns you have. I agree, people need to realize that changing something doesn't make the idea an original. After all look at chocolate chip recipes, change one thing and someone thinks they 'invented' a whole new thing! Your seahorses have to be one of my favs, they are lovely. I wish you success and sell a lot!

Carol Schockling Lawecki said...

Good morning Jane! Your Seahorses are probably my most favorite pattern of yours. I have enjoyed making them over and over. I love using many different color combinations and different bead combinations like you show here. And don't forget your mini, mini seahorse earring too!! All of these along with your Mermaid would be a great seller at the medieval fair!! I'm sure! Good LUck!

Deb in WV said...

Very nice. I especially like the blue. What thread did you use for the green variegated one?

Like some other tatting designers, Mary Konior for one, you have a unique style all your own. I'm sure it's hurtful to see someone claim a "slightly modified" design as their own, but most tatters with any experience at all will immediately recognize the "source of inspiration". There are some basic designs that I've seen in numerous places (books, websites, magazines) and wondered which designer was truly the original. I don't think that would ever be the case with your designs.

I've always thought of your designs as "drawing with tatting (mostly split rings)", especially the animals, and always spot on.

I think these little guys will be very popular!!!

Deb in WV

Jane Eborall said...

Hi Deb. The green one is probably a Coats vari with Lizbeth plain. I'm sorry I really just grab colours and 'go'!! Must 'train the brain' to note these facts down!!
Thanks, Carol. I forgot the tiny seahorse - great idea!!!

Valerie said...

pretty pretty seahorses!

have fun at the fair, jane.

Typstatting said...

Those Seahorses are really cute. I enjoyed Tatting mine!!!!!

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