10 May 2010

The doll's cot

This is the final word on the cot - I think!!!

We delivered it on Saturday.  Poor little lass had been poorly last week so this seemed a good idea to cheer her up.

When it was time for her afternoon nap she went to bed and told her mum she wanted the cot on the bed - hmmmmm, not very practical.  In the end a compromise was reached and here is a picture of her fast asleep with all the linen from the cot piled on top of her!!  Under her head is the tiny pillow.  

One happy new owner!!! I wonder if this cot will pass down to another generation?  


Gina said...

Don't you love knowing something that was dear to your heart is dear to someone else's too? How sweet!

sewmuchfun4 said...

What a SWEET compromise! You did a wonderful job refurbishing it, but the "little lass's" approval is the final word and must have made you so happy!
:) Ann

Ridgewoman said...

Oh what an "ahhhhhh" moment in her life. Bless her little heart.
thinking of you xxxxx p

mrsjohn said...

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Fox said...

Oh, Jane! That is such a sweet photo! She really loves that gift and how wonderful that you were able to make it for her. It will be a fave of hers for years, I am sure!
Fox : )

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