12 May 2010

My most winsome yet!!!

Thanks to those who commented on the 'not netting' doilies yesterday.  All information very gratefully received.

Now back to the Winsome drop earrings.  

I think these two are the best yet.  

I haven't put the hooks on yet as I thought it might be easier to scan rather than photograph them.  BOY, do they sparkle.  

Sadly they sparkle SO much that it's difficult to get a good photo or scan!!!!  Hope these will 'do'!!!!!

I am working on three new (well, sort of new!) patterns at the moment and just need to check them out before I let them loose in tat land.  Keep with me, folks.  I'll get there in the end!!!


Nancy G said...

How beautiful! I see that it is after 9 AM your time...for me it is after 3 in the morning my time....but my body is telling me I am still in London/Paris...lol

Vinnie said...

Oooooh! Lovely earrings!

Sally Kerson said...

Having tatted one (yes only one!) from the pattern of the second pair I can confirm that they are lovely. When time permits I know I am going to be addicted to making them, its a very clever pattern.

Fox said...

Fox : )

Carol Schockling Lawecki said...

I think the earrings are beautiful. I like how the earrings take on another look by adding or taking away a chain.

IsDihara said...

Wowie zowie! That's my kind of sparke!!! Love them to pieces! Bellissima, Jane.

Walden said...

I really like the first pair!

Typstatting said...

They are really lovely!!!!! I like the top ones best though!

JB said...

Those of are very pretty.

Dale Marie said...


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Happy Beaks
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