19 March 2011

How long DOES it take?

How long does it take me to get to doing something that 'needs' doing?  I tend to get 'diverted' into 'want to do's' instead of 'need to do's' so easily!!!

In this case the answer is ages!!!  Back in January (I think it was!) we went to Ikea and amongst other goodies bought some cushions - just the inner pads and not the posh whole things as there was nothing we could agree on!!

It's taken me this long to make these cushions.  The fabric was in a package that Ridgewoman sent me last year and I've been 'saving it up' for something special.  I suddenly thought the other day that it would be just the thing to 'lift' our brown throws.  

The throws that I knocked together the other week work a treat.  OK, they still slip down from time to time but it is SO much easier to put them back!!!

This picture was taken of the sofa as I couldn't fit both cushions onto a chair - for obvious reasons!!! 

As  you can probably guess - the sewing machine is out!!  I'm working on another 'self imposed' project at the moment which I hope to share with you next week - whether you like it or not!!!!


IsDihara said...

You're right! That fabric complements the throw so nicely.

Perhaps your sewing successes will be the gentle push I need to re-upholster two padded seat cushions in my living room...(the seat cushions have been shredded for two years).

Margarets designer cards said...

They look lovely and the colour of the fabric matches very well with your throws. I dont know why we get side tracked into doing anything but what we should be doing.

Jewellery Bijou said...

Your blog is very beautiful!I am definitely going to visit you often,hugs


Tatman said...

When I first read the title of this post, first thought was "How long DOES it take....to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop" LOL! Couldn't help myself :-D

Nice throws, BTW

XOXO SOJ(still under the influence of drugs)

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