14 March 2011

More of them!!

It's been a good weekend for magnetic brooches cum fridge magnets!!!  I listed two yesterday and got up early to list two more this morning!!!!  Early?  Well that's just before 8 o'clock which is early for an OG like me!!!

This is the best 'excuse' I've had for ages for not doing the dreaded 'H' word!!!  What IS the point of endless dusting and vacuuming when as soon as it's done it comes straight back?!?!?  Honestly I despair of those tasks!!! 

Actually when I'm making things like these brooches I tend to have a 'choice' of threads and beads around me in 'tat corner'.  This (of course) leads to a total and shambolic mess.  Of course then doing the above is impossible (cough, cough, splutter, splutter).  I love this sort of mess, though!!!


Orsi said...

Hi Jane,
these brooches are extremely joyful. I love your absolutely "happy colors".

Margarets designer cards said...

Hi Jane,

They are gorgeous and wonderful colours. they are going to be another bookmark sucess,

Carol Lawecki said...

These are lovely Jane! I always love your choice of colors with thread and beads. :)

Sunela said...

Jane....these are absolutely stunning!!!

Frivole said...

Ah Jane, a woman after my own heart when it comes to the dreaded 'H' word!! Your new brooches are lovely, really cheerful colours. Look forward to receiving mine.

God's Kid said...

Such fun brooches!! Great colors!!! :)

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