17 March 2011

Part 2 of Oh my GOSH

Not only were there the spectacular Lizbeth threads but in the same package came the HDT down below.

Now I'm guessing that they are all Yarnplayer's HDT.  I'm sure my favourite is  Garden Afternoon but I change my mind every few minutes!!!  

What fascinates me about working with the HDT is the way it 'changes' as you wind it onto an Ezybob.  Then it morphs  again as you work with it.  Matching it to beads is another challenge but all are totally enjoyable.  

Down below are the last two I'm listing in the shop.  The next batch will be for family and friends and probably two for MEEEEEEE.  I'll show you as I make them so that if there is one that you want particularly I'll do another!!!  Yes, I test wore one of the white ones but haven't kept any of the really pretty ones yet for myself.  Why?  Well I'll admit that each one I've made has been for me but then I'd start on the next one and then change my mind!!!   

As in all aspects of my life I can be termed a 'ditherer'!!!  That's why I'm hopeless at buying things (currently dithering over a pair of shoes that I saw on Monday and keep walking past the shop looking at them!!).  I stand and dither and try to convince myself that I really, truly need something (I actually DO need the shoes too)!!!  Dear Sue Anna takes all the dithers out of my thread buying life as going into Yarnplayer's store just causes a major attack of the 'dithers and drool'.  Yes, I know there are other people doing HDT but these are the ones I get gifted!!!


Margarets designer cards said...

Hi Jane,

Beautiful threads, what are you going to start with? I like the blue brooch, possibly that my sort of colours. they both look beautiful.

Carol Schockling Lawecki said...

Love them both!! And of course the HDT thread is gorgeous!

IsDihara said...

Your last two posts have set off a wicked case of "dithering and drool" for this unrepentant thread junkie! Of course, the brooches only add to the problem. They are all so very beautiful!

The green one is a perfect St. Patrick's Day brooch for anyone who wishes to stand out from the shamrock-wearin' crowd.

Thanks for another set of marvelous posts!

Anonymous said...

the blue one is my favorite. The threads are gorgeous.

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